Characteristics of a pedagogical strategy for the development of an innovative organizational culture

Vanessa Panesso Patiño, Ph.D. Lidisbeth Cardoso Camejo, Phd. Jairo Panesso Tascón, Mg.


The article is about the characteristics of a pedagogical strategy for improving professional and human for the transformation of an organizational culture in correspondence with the current demands of education in contemporary Colombian society. The methodology of the article is a study descriptive-observational and of a mixed nature, insofar as it operated with quantitative and qualitative data. The data collection instruments is the observation of performance, survey coordinators and teachers. The result of the study is the implementation of the pedagogical strategy contributed to the socialization and appropriation of institutional values, to reinforce dynamics of teamwork and improve the systems of communication. The conclusion is pedagogical strategy is valid according to the results of the application in practice, its use being possible and achieving better results in improving human and professional educational managers, which manifests itself in the organizational culture of the Antonio José Camacho.


: organizational culture, pedagogical strategy, innovation, professional and human improvement

  • Received: 02 February 2024
  • Accepted:  21 February 2024
  • Published: 16 March 2024